Customizing the NFT

Unlock memberships are NFT. They use the same specification used by NFT marketplaces and others

Unlock memberships are Non-Fungible Tokens. They use the same specification used by other NFT projects, called ERC721. This means that, exactly like other NFT, they are visible in wallets.

By default, Unlock provides a generated image for each lock, which looks like this:

However, with Unlock you can easily customize this image. For this, in the dashboard, just click on your lock's icon:

From there, you can upload an image (1MB maximum), or select an external URL. We also recommend using a square of at least 300x300 pixels.

If you select an external URL, we will hot-link to it, which means that you will need to make sure this image will remain available.

Customize each membership's icon

To customize each memberships' icon, you must use an external URL. Indeed, the image URL that we pass includes ?id=<token id>. You can then have a different image URL for membership 1, 2, ... etc.

For example:

  • The lock at the address 0x979B341B7C8863A236702E577dc8286Ca66423c0 on Rinkeby has this URL :

  • The NFT with id 1 (first membership) has this metadata URI :

  • And when inspecting its metadata, the image address is:

Advanced metadata customization

When using Unlock, by default, we provide some metadata for each token (including the image URL). The locks smart contracts are using the ERC721's specification method tokenURI. By default, we point to an Unlock hosted URI for this meta-data, but can be customized by any lock manager, by calling the method baseTokenURI. By doing this, the lock manager removes the only dependency on Unlock Inc.

By default, we provide the following metadata:

  name: "Unlock Key",
  description: "A Key to an Unlock lock. Unlock is a protocol for memberships.",
  image: "",
  attributes: [
      trait_type: "Expiration",
      value: 1624662623,
      display_type: "date"
  owner: "0xDD8e2548da5A992A63aE5520C6bC92c37a2Bcc44",
  expiration: 1624662623

The expiration is the memberships' expiration date and the owner is the current owner of the NFT membership.

Make non-transferrable

A "Key Manager" can make the keys to be non-transferrable by interacting with the contract via a block explorer. Here's a tutorial on how that works.

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