Unlock is a protocol for memberships as NFTs which allows creators and communities to monetize their work, on their own terms, without having to rely on 3rd party applications or platform.

From the attention economy to the membership economy

We believe the web is moving away from attention as its business model toward memberships as a way for creators to charge for access to their community, their content or the applications they provide.

Yet, most websites are moving to memberships with their own system which creates a lot of friction for them (adding user accounts, supporting credit payments...) and for their users.

With Unlock, we believe there is a better way, which reduces friction, increases conversion rate and reduces prices while aligning interests between creators and consumers!

The future of memberships

Unlock allows the ability to create NFTs with superpowers: utility, access, perks, and benefits across the web. What this allows for are memberships that are fully owned by the communities and creators, rather than corporate platforms.

Membership Communities An NFT protocol designed specifically for memberships and token-gated media access.

Premium Content + Access Membership allows access to group chats, premium content, digital or physical spaces, and more.

Platform-less Passports Create NFTs that can allow composable access with and between communities-- across the web.

More Than .jpeg Auctions Unlock is built specifically to give utility and access to NFTs.

For creators of all kinds

As a creator, you want to monetize your work and ensure that only your members can access it. For this you should create a Lock. A lock is a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain which defines the terms of your membership. The Lock is yours and cannot be modified by anyone else, unless you grant them the permission.

The lock itself does not know about the content or features which it locks. The lock is also completely decoupled from your application, which means that it can be implemented in many different contexts: on the front-end, on the back-end, inside of chat applications, or even in other smart contracts.

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Memberships as NFTs can create benefits and opportunities for many different categories of creators and organizations:

  • Ticketing, events, and membership communities

  • Media and publishing orgs

  • YouTubers and video creators

  • Writers and newsletters

  • Musicians

  • Visual artists

  • Communities of all kinds

For consumers

As consumers, you want to easily unlock access to your favorite websites, or be part of communities. Unlock represents these memberships as Non Fungible Tokens. These tokens are directly linked to your Ethereum wallet. If you do not have a wallet, or do not care about owning one, you should consider our Unlock User accounts which make it trivial for anyone to unlock content with their credit cards.

We also built a keychain for consumers to easily view all of their memberships and use them. This involves cancelling them, transferring them or printing codes to assert ownership (very useful for tickets!)

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