How to create temporary or trial memberships

If you are running a community with NFT or token-based memberships, that get access to a private Discord, or other benefits, you can use Unlock to sell time-contained trial memberships. This can create an additional entrance point for people to join and allow prospective community members to gain a trial membership for either full or limited access.

This can be done using Unlock Protocol, which allows for the creation of time-based NFTs that can expire.

1 Day, 1 Week, or 1 Month Access

Token-based membership communities like Friends With Benefits, Protein, or others that offer private Discord access to token holders can use Unlock to create temporary memberships with a set duration. This could be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or any amount of time. After the end of the duration, the NFT is set to expire and will no longer grant access.

Creating Expiring NFTs

Creating a membership NFT that expires can be done through the Unlock Creator Dashboard. You can create a lock (contract) with each key (NFT membership) set at a one week duration, as an example.

Selling Temporary NFT Memberships

You can allow your community to purchase trial memberships through either generating a purchase link to send to members directly, or by creating a custom embed on a website, like MyCrypto did on their membership page.

Setting Up Gated Access

You can set up membership access for the trial membership. This can either be full member access, or only to specific Discord channels, as an example. For creating trial access to a members-only Discord, you can use Guild, Collab.Land, or SwordyBot.

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